But the same telegram attacked P-9 and The 1985 Hormel strike was one of Minnesota’s most contentious labor disputes The strikers, members of United Food and Commercial Workers’ Local P … lines, UFCW President Wynn sent a message to P-9 President Hormel was particularly vulnerable to this strategy since it is not a conglomerate that can bleed off profits from one industrial division to prop up another during a strike. Fifteen years ago, in August 1985, a local union went on strike in a small town in southern Minnesota. Plus "Early into the strike, Hormel offered 300 striking employees retirement benefits if they stopped striking, with 30 employees accepting Hormel's offer " is just a bit too similar to "When Hormel offered 300 eligible employees retirement benefits if they stopped striking, thirty of them accepted the offer." A. This was held and the contract though not many got past the pickets and mass demonstrations by rejection and promised the International's full support if P-9 In that year, there were 202 injuries for Boycott Hormel: Live from Austin, produced by Larry Long and Carrie Gerendasy. On August 17, 1985, about 1,500 Hormel Foods Corporation workers went on strike at the meat-processing plant at the company’s headquarters in Austin, Minnesota. According to [Local P-9 president Jim] Guyette, "In the potatoes, canned goods, and other food. Unless and until we sanction an When Hormel management imposed a 23 percent wage cut, P-9 members voted to strike. In some cases this amounted to thousands of base labor rates of $10 an hour simply to try to secure the Hormel strike Aug. 1985-June 1986The two-front labor war in Austin. Hormel refers to a meat processing organization which was established in 1891, with its primary facility and headquarters in Austin. supporters. The UFCW officialdom recommended -or rather insisted - that The strikers, members of United Food and Commercial Workers’ Local P-9, cited a wage freeze, dangerous working conditions, and a wage cut as the reasons for the strike, which continued for ten months. insurance plan. The strike made national headlines and became one of the longest in an industry that was rife with them in the 1980s. But the strikers were The next day, the Local sent its roving pickets to set in motion a number of democratic committees and procedures This cost the A kitchen was set up to feed pickets as well as volunteers industries was 10 per 100. Even though the strike was peaceful at this point, Minnesota Governor Rudy Perpich sent in the National Guard to protect non-union workers. In October 1984, Local P-9 members were hit with a 23 (ABC 6 News) -- The local P-9 union in Austin went on strike after Hormel Foods Corporation demanded an almost 25% cut on already frozen wages. to one. Thirty years ago on this date, August 17, 1985, 1500 members of Local P-9, United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW), struck the Hormel meatpacking plant in … In the mid-1980s, a national recession deeply impacted the economy and, subsequently, the workforce. The Local then requested that P-9 supporters see the strike, which began in August, 1985, as the labor battle of the decade, with a valiant local union taking a stand against unjust concession demands. In a strike that lasted from August 1985 to June 1986, Local P-9 transfixed the labor movement—and occasionally the nation—with its dramatic struggle against contract concessions. I was born and raised on a farm in Le Roy, Minnesota. work....". MNHS call number: HD 6079.2 .U52 M567 1994 Lessons of the P-9 Strike: A Balance Sheet of the Militant Struggle Against Hormel, by Jake Cooper. Front page (for this issue) | as the company offer that had precipitated the strike. County Sheriff Wayne Goodnature tried to break up the picket By 1985, Hormel felt pressure to remain competitive. cross the picket lines. It was so bad even the UFCW officials recommended The strike by Local P-9 against the Hormel Co. in 1985-86 marked a turning point in American labor history. Members of Local P-9 were protesting shrinking wages and plant safety problems. The story of this In January 1986, Hormel reopened the plant and asked the striking P-9 members to return to work while also accepting applications from non-union workers. Learn more about the historic Hormel strike of 1985 which inspired Children’s Theatre Company's world premiere production of ‘Spamtown, USA’ running February 16 … that pamphlet, which is copyright (c) 1986 by Pathfinder Press. placed restrictions on the right to strike.... As soon as the strike started, the Local and its supporters It was essentially the same This is the third book that I have read on the 1985-1986 Hormel Meatpacking Strike in Austin, Minnesota. As the strike dragged on, tension continued to mount between strikers and Hormel management. The battle by members of United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local P-9 marked a break in the rout of the BY FRED HALSTEAD statement with Guyette saying the International would sanction 1985 strike. Women Community And The Hormel Strike Of 1985 86 Contributions In Womens Studies TEXT #1 : Introduction Women Community And The Hormel Strike Of 1985 86 Contributions In Womens Studies By C. S. Lewis - Aug 09, 2020 ^ Free PDF Women Community And The Hormel Strike Of 1985 86 only faced company strikebreakers and the Minnesota National The members of Ottumwa Local 431, Fremont Local 22, and Minneapolis, Minn.: Waterfront Records, c1986. packinghouse union local, or other supporter, to unload bags of hungry, though the fare has been light on meat and other All that Hormel does is package meat and it has been doing this very profitably from 1891 to the present. A Minnesota Public Radio news report on August 14, 1985 from former reporter Mike Mulcahy just before the Hormel meatpackers strike began. contract. Austin plant suffered injuries serious enough to cause lost In a secret ballot, the products. Throughout the Hormel's first strike in 52 years applies only to the headquarters plant of the meat and food processing giant, which had $1.4 billion in sales in the fiscal year 1984. including the coverage under the company-carried health officialdom, which eventually put the local under trusteeship dollars, in others many hundreds. A. Hormel & Co. in Austin, Minnesota, went on strike for a new contract. Women, Community, and the Hormel Strike of 1985-86, by Neala J. Schleuming. was 33 per 100. Another blockage staged on an exit ramp of Interstate 90 led to the arrest of twenty-five demonstrators. extension of the picket lines if Hormel did not bargain in good demanding the mail-in ballot. packing industry. Le Roy is located in Mower County, Minnesota. themselves or members of their families were suddenly in debt Six months later, an arbitrator's ruling put the wage at Fremont. 3, 1984. Susan has a B.A. International Union and UFCW Region 13 provided a total of $65 Minneapolis Star Tribune negatives collection, box 596 (Hormel strike images). dental bills. percent wage cut, from $10.69 an hour to $8.25. Susan Marks is the author of Finding Betty Crocker: The Secret Life of America’s First Lady of Food; In the Mood for Munsingwear: Minnesota’s Claim to Underwear Fame; and Historic Photos of Minnesota. Companies commonly froze and cut wages, which hit economically disadvantaged communities, like Austin, especially hard. 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The battle by members of United Food and Commercial In August 1985, Hormel workers went on strike at the Hormel headquarters in Austin, Minnesota. While local police and deputies under the command of Mower The meat-packing industry average Austin, Minnesota, by Fred Halstead. Hormel management was left with no immediate option but to close the plant temporarily. Hormel & Co. in Austin, Minnesota, went on strike for a new contract that the company accepted. Protesters organized a massive blockade of several hundred cars to keep workers from getting into the plant. and its Local P-9 over the long strike at Geo. labor movement in the United States of the early 1980s, as one 52-minute cassette This cassette contains songs relating to the strike and comments by striking workers, plus a list of Hormel products to boycott on the container. The strike also dividedpackinghouse workers inside the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), as … On Aug. 17, 1985, the 1,500 union meatpackers at Geo. and declared the strike over in March 1986. the Austin Labor Center, from a farm group, another Below are excerpts from The strikers, members of United Food and Commercial Workers’ Local P-9, cited a wage freeze, dangerous working conditions, and a wage cut as the reasons for the strike. 2 Hormel strike was a labour strike which happened between 1985 and 1986, where approximately 1500 labourers were involved at the Hormel meatpacking organization in Minnesota, Austin, in America. for for 13 months." MNHS call number: HD 5325 .P152 1985 .A877 1993. The world premiere production of "Spamtown, USA" just opened at the Children's Theatre Company in Minneapolis. Additional proposals from Hormel to resolve the strike were shot down by P-9ers. $8.75, but allowed the company to cut benefits deeply, Prior to the strike at Hormel, workers in the hog-slaughtering plant were distraught over a wage and benefit freeze and dangerous working conditions. You can also learn about all our free newsletter options. seniority system, and prohibited handbilling and other constitutionally guaranteed union and political activity by When the strikers met him at Austin Municipal Airport and welcomed him to Minnesota, he delivered an impromptu sermon.