It has flush rails so it doesn't stick up off the side of the vehicle very much. This is a, as you can see, a hard style tonneau cover that gives us that classic smooth look. With a locked tailgate, the bed is more secure than the cab. This hard aluminum roll-up cover easily rolls up with one-handed operation and allows use of every inch of the truck bed without blocking your rear window. There are a couple more places around here you could get a BAK installed though. BAK uses a revolutionary patented mechanical locking rail that secures the 50lb roll top the entire length of the truck bed. Very low profile. Secure Easy-close slam latch with a pull cord opening. Review of the BAK Revolver X2 Hard Tonneau Cover. Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy here at again. Revolver X2 vs Revolver X4 Shared Features. He said it all started with the X2 Revolver. I had a soft vinyl cover on my last truck for 13 years and still looked great when i sold it. Durable Aluminum slats with vinyl overlay make these covers strong for years of use. The Revolver X2 uses rotational locking rails that rotate ¾ inch locking teeth into the roll top locking blocks the entire length of the truck bed. Since 2012, when I bought the BAK Roll-X tonneau cover for my 2011 Ford F-150, BAK has redesigned their signature roll-up tonneau cover enough to call for a new name: Revolver X2. I am considering the new Revolver X2 but, since it's just an updated roll-x I would like to know from users of the Roll-X, how do you like your cover?. Hey guys I'm needing to get into a new tonneau for my '14 Sierra. Because everyone uses their truck differently, there is no single right solution. Today we're taking a look at the Back Industries Revolver X2. The volume discounts are the best in the industry and the pass that along to you with the best possible pricing. Their Promise is they're the largest online retailer of BAK covers. That’s why BAK Industries offers the BAKFlip, the Revolver X2 and the RollBAK. BAK Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover For 10% Off. Instead of velcro along the rails, it latches with a metal piece along the rail. The BAK Revolver X2, featuring exclusive automatic rotational locking rails that secure the cover the entire length of the bed on each side. Other than that I think both the X4/X2 and Sentry are pretty similar, … ... As long as its cared for I wouldnt anticipate any problems. One of our truck supply business quit handling BAK products. The X2/X4, very similar to Sentry but does allow you to open/close the tailgate w/o having to mess with the cover. Each is designed for a different need, but they all share the hallmarks of BAK Industries products: durability, reliability and quality. In addition, they’ve released the BAK Box 2, a tool box which was designed to work with their truck bed covers, hence the dual installation and review post. I personally just installed a bak revolver X2 on my Ram and love it. The problem is that there is no support beneath the area that the rolled up top sits while you're rolling down the road. BAK Industries Revolver X2 tonneau cover trouble? It is very easy to roll up and back down and looks great when closed. Does the Revolver X2 use magnets? I'm looking for something that's mostly water tight, if a few drops get in after a heavy rain I don't mind but, I don't want several ounces puddling in the truck bed. People were coming back with complaints such as the issue with the seal like the above post and various other issues. I have been eyeing the TruXedo Sentry cover. They work hard to … Revolver X2 does not use any Velcro. No. If you see a problem, find the solution. ; Weight Capacity These covers stand up to the elements with a 400 pound evenly distributed weight rating.