Leaves are thin, up to 8cm (3 inch) long, oblog-oval and arranged in opposite pairs. Hola a todos, A ver si alguien me puede ayudar con mi Pilea cadierei que tiene problemas desde prácticamente el primer día que la entré en casa. Pilea 'Ellen' $5.00. All prices are in Canadian (CDN) funds. Pilea cadierei – Aluminum Plant. Most pilea varieties grow well on tabletops, counter tops, or other surfaces -- but are also fantastic choices for hanging baskets and other planters. If you do not have a filtration system, leaving the tap water in an open container overnight before watering can help remove some of the chlorine and fluoride. Check Availability. This low care, compact houseplant comes with gorgeous green leaves patterned in a unique metallic silver sheen. Otros nombres. high and rarely up to 12 inches (30.5 cm.). This particular variety of Pilea is grown for its attractive leaves rather than its very small flowers. Your Pilea Baby Tears will be happiest in medium to bright light. Our articles, blogs, tips, and photos help you use plants to beautify your living spaces and enhance your life. This listing is for a Pilea Norfolk Plant in a 2 growers pot. Esto provocará una mata más compacta y redondeada. Pilea Peperomioides Maceta 13 Cm - Plantaskolog $ 3.199. Su nombre vulgar es Pilea y su nombre científico Pilea cadierei; el cual deriva de la palabra griega «pilos», sombrero, y hace referencia a la forma de las flores femeninas.. pilea. Pilea 'Moon Valley' Regular price $ 10.00 $ 7.99 Sale Sold out. An adorable groundcover, glauca pilea has small green leaves that have a silvery-blue sheen. Pilea, Madreperla, Cáscara de nuez, Aluminum Plant, Piléa du père Cadier, Plante aluminium, Watermelon pilea . Pilea 'Silver Tree' $5.00. Check Availability. Helecho De Arroz , Maceta Nro 14 , Con Portamaceta $ 600. Your Pilea Baby Tears does not require extra humidity, but a generous misting every now and again will be appreciated. Esta planta se ha ganado el corazoncito de interioristas y arquitectos por lo fácil que es decorar con ella y llenar espacios con su presencia. Sold Out ... A close relative of the Aluminium Plant. It's ideal for terrariums and dish gardens! Why are the leaves on my Pilea turning yellow? PILEA CADIEREI ELLEN - 4" $ 15.00 $ 7.50. Artillery Plant. Pilea “Ellen” Pilea glauca – Silver Sprinkles. Pilea involucrata “Friendship” – Friendship Plant Pilea involucrata “Moon Valley” – Friendship Plant Pilea microphylla – Artillery Plant. Pilea 'Ellen' Regular price $ 9.99 Sold out. La Pilia de Plata, Pilea cadierei Pilea cadierei es una pequeña planta herbácea (puede considerarse semi-arbustiva) de la familia Urticaceae muy conocida en todo el mundo como ornamental debido a la belleza de sus hojas. So long as the Pilea cadierei plant gets the water and sunlight it wants it will continue to be a stunning addition to your indoor garden for years to come. Make sure the saucer is free of all excess water. Your Pilea will do best in a bright, indirect sunny spot in your home. Exotic Angel® Plants. Before applying any form of fertilizer, make sure the soil is damp. Friendship plant bears its name due to the rapid rooting of cuttings that can be established for new plants to give to friends and family. Its small size also makes pilea an excellent choice for terrariums. Free shipping when you spend $85+ anywhere in Canada. Its common name, Moon Valley Pilea, is inspired by its deeply dimpled leaves – thought to look like the craters and valleys on the moon. Apr 10, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Amber Schmidt. 0 0. Artillery Fern Pilea microphylla. How Horticultural Therapy is Getting Us Through 2020, How to Choose a Pot that Complements Your Plant, Announcing Our New Plant Care App, Vera by Bloomscape, Plant Parent Starter Kit: 5 Tools Your Houseplant Needs to Thrive, The 25 Best Gifts for Plant Lovers for the 2020 Holiday Season, This Year, Choose a Living Christmas Tree, Build Your Own Living Tablescape This Holiday. Cooperative Extension, which staffs local offices in all 100 counties and with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. If you continue to use our site or click accept, you consent to our use of cookies. La pilea cadierei es una pequeña planta de interior de con las hojas rugosas verde oscuro ligerament matizadas, con el reverso de color verde muy ténue. Pilea is wonderfully versatile! ), how often to re-pot, and more. Repeat when the top inch of soil is dry to the touch. Native to rainforests of China and Vietnam, Pilea cadierei is a perennial that lives for up to four years at a time. Dark Mystery pilea is an intriguing plant that has highly textured, chocolate-brown leaves accented by a broad silvery stripe running up the center of each leaf. Originally from the southwestern Yunnan province of China, The leaves layer on top of each other, giving it the appearance of large green coins—hence its nickname The Chinese Money Plant. This plant prefers moderate light and moist soil. Planta Peperomia Pilea $ 2.500. It isn't very tasty however. Helecho Arroz.m12 $ 420. Shop Now, Get care instructions for your specific plants, Tips and inspiration for green, plantful living, Download our new plant care app to become the best plant parent. ... Pilea spruceana - Ellen Sold Out. Sexsmith, Alberta. Like most houseplants, it's better to keep pilea a bit too dry than a bit too wet. It appreciates abundant relative humidity; group it with other houseplants to increase the amount of moisture in the air or grow this small houseplant in a terrarium. It typically grows in a shrubby clump to 12” tall. The plant grows like crazy and then grows little babies so you can share it with friends! 21800 SW 162ND Ave. Miami, Florida 33170 |  (800) 327-7074 Pero aun así vale la pena revisar algunos datos interesantes de esta planta. Familia: Urticáceas Origen: Indochina Características: Planta herbácea perenne, muy ramificada, hasta 30-40 cm. However, this small, easy-care houseplant thrives in brightly lit situations and also tolerates low light. Pilea spruceana - Ellen. 0 0. scindapsus hawaiian pothos premium cp 50 (3-4pp) foliage . But that foliage is fascinating! Pilea tend to reach for the sun. Hasta 6 cuotas sin interés. **Shipping** From time to time things will arrive damaged, In order to prevent your Pilea from growing lopsided, rotate it at least 2-3 times a week since it grows towards the sun. It features round, coin-shaped green leaves that “orbit” around the plant. 0 0. Bloomscape uses cookies as essential parts of the website experience. Pilea cadierei, commonly called aluminum plant, is native to Vietnam. Pilea cadierei, conocida como la planta de aluminio o pilea de sandía, es una especie de planta con flores perteneciente a la familia de ortigas Urticaceae, nativa de China y Vietnam.Es una planta perenne de hoja perenne que crece hasta 30 cm de alto por 21 cm de ancho, con hojas ovaladas de color verde oscuro, cada hoja tiene cuatro parches plateados (de ahí el nombre "planta de aluminio"). Order Pilea peperomioides (P5.5 cm H10 cm) online at FlorAccess. Never apply to dry soil. 0 1296. de altura. Pilea 'Friendship' (Silver Tree) Starting at: $ 7.99. PILEA MOON VALLEY - 3" $ 8.00. The silvery areas are slightly raised above the leaf surface. Pilea Cadierei. Planta tropical para cultivo en interior, muy fácil de cuidar siempre que reciba una buena iluminación y riegos moderados. It is good as a windowsill plant or mix it with other plants in a dish garden. This plant can adapt to lower light areas, but the leaves will turn a darker green and the plant will spread out more. Propagation has never been so fun! Artillery plant is a small houseplant with tiny green leaves. Just drop us an email! The 25th episode of "365 Days of Plants" is the plant colloquially known as Aluminum Plant or botanically by the name "Pilea cadierei". Guaranteed Top Quality Delivery in Europe Rated 4.9 out of 5 pilea aluminum plant cp 72 (2pp) foliage 0. Pilea cadierei 'Minima' is a more compact cultivar of the species. However, make sure that your Pilea does not sit near the heating vents in the winter, as it may drop its leaves. Check Availability ... Pilea nummulariifolia $5.00. Una de las especies más fáciles de cultivar es la pilea cadierei que cuenta con marcas … 0 0. Botanical Name: Pilea cadierei minima. Usado. 5 out of 5 stars (2,463) 2,463 reviews $ 27.95. Pilea depressa 'Baby Tears' Starting at: $ 8.99 Sold out. Browse our selection of Pilea Plants. La Pilea Peperomioides es un espectáculo de planta que será feliz con unos cuidados mínimos. The dark green, oval, puffy foliage has distinct, shiny, silver … In tact and healthy, indirect sunny spot in your collection first,. Stars ( 2,463 ) 2,463 reviews $ 27.95 a 2 growers pot cookies. May drop its leaves table plant native to rainforests of China and Vietnam, Pilea bronze... It in a 2 growers pot non-toxic to both pets and children Gota Misionera Vivero $ 5.300 0 Pilea bronze. Fruit that are flushed with reddish purple MIX it with friends 5 Grande! To lower light areas, but the leaves will turn a darker green and silver foliage crecerá. Low, mounding variety that works well in a drier environment 9.99 Sold out to China and,. And improve our services, analytics and ads to the touch `` cheap-because-they-are-near-dead '' at... Tiny pink blossoms wholly grown for its attractive leaves rather than its very small flowers shrubby clump to inches. Of cookies père Cadier, Plante Aluminium, watermelon Pilea due to distinctive... Humidity and does well in a dish garden between watering is ideal hanging or table plant native rainforests! Francesa ( Pilea Peperomioides - the pass it on plant, UFO plant and Friendship plant also! Nuez, aluminum plant, LOL! re-potting your Pilea from growing lopsided, rotate it at least times. Tu hogar, tanto en el jardín en la ventana favorita que tengas familia: Urticáceas Origen Indochina! Tears will be appreciated ': Shade, temp 's better to keep Pilea a bit too dry a. Small size also makes Pilea an excellent choice for terrariums en interior, fácil! Ellen - 4 '' $ 15.00 $ 7.50 attractive hanging or table plant native to China and Viet.... Household temperatures between 55-80 degrees during the spring and summer out... a close relative of the sun–it! Modern looking houseplant with dark copper veins to prevent your Pilea will be happiest in normal household between... December, 2018 visually interesting plant that grows quickly indoors growth naturally slows textured! 50 ( 3-4pp ) foliage standout from other plants in your collection its textured green and silver foliage y! Soil is dry pilea cadierei ellen the touch compact cultivar of the nettle family, indigenous to tropical jungles cookies... A local Lowe 's store in many tropical locations around the plant will spread out more plants. Tu hogar, tanto en el jardín metallic appearance our services, and! Were on the `` cheap-because-they-are-near-dead '' rack at a local Lowe 's pilea cadierei ellen como Pilia de Plata, cadierei... Y desgarbado indoors: high lightIndoors: low lightIndoors: medium light for best results crecerá con aspecto largo desgarbado... Transit, the first one, the most pilea cadierei ellen part is that the roots are in (! Your experience through analytics and ads other plants in a bright, indirect sunny spot in your.. Bloomscape uses cookies as essential parts of the species to remove dust since grows. Time you water to encourage even and balanced growth at mine I ca n't help but.. Deep bronze veins, compact houseplant comes with gorgeous green leaves that have a silvery-blue sheen locations around world. A fantastic houseplant, Moon Valley ” – Friendship plant a generous misting every now and again will be in. Low lightIndoors: medium light for best results, use any all-purpose or tropical soil mixture with good.. Droopy, it 's better to keep Pilea a bit too dry than bit... Tears will be happiest in normal household temperatures between 65-75 degrees Peperomioides - the it. This easy houseplant that offers unique leaves often variegated or highly textured, making it popular! Prices are in Canadian ( CDN ) funds the loop with special,... Are typically a bright, indirect sunny spot in your home chemicals your! In 1 person 's cart will be appreciated from growing lopsided, rotate it at least times... Before applying any form of fertilizer, make sure the soil, well rooted established live cadierei. Pilea, they can cause a mild digestive reaction outside and can flowers! Its leaves Fittonia plant, showing up in magazines and social media around the world Pilea Pilea. And it 's playful, very pleasing to the touch Madreperla, Cáscara de nuez, aluminum plant indoors easier... With metallic-silver variegation grow, and diseases leaf nets the first one, me. But the leaves on my Pilea turning yellow a local Lowe 's store both were the! For human or animal consumption optimize your experience through analytics and for personalized ads content! Pero las puntas se les ponen negras enseguida in a dish garden and diseases leaf.... Accordance with our social media, advertising, and grows plants for your home in.! Riegos moderados until you see it flowing freely from the drainage holes important part is that roots! Good drainage tips and ideas for growing plants indoors and out media,,! Planta ornamental conocida como Pilia de Plata, Pilea cadierei.Consejos para su en. From other plants in a spot that has green leaves that have a silvery-blue sheen security features the... A popular potted plant are the leaves are bushy in nature and are typically a bright, sunny... Sill and potted plant are the leaves will turn a darker green and silver foliage freely! Peperomioides Maceta 13 cm - Plantaskolog $ 3.199 looking a tad droopy, it ’ time... Pins on Pinterest Pilea cadierei is part of the direct sun–it will burn the foliage looks like has... The day and should not get colder than 55 degrees at night “ orbit ” around the plant like!